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Catherine Antheunissens,

The 22@Network Barcelona celebrated its second 22@Breakfast of the year talking about the challenges that today's society faces in the data era.

The 22@Network Barcelona Association celebrated its 178th Breakfast at the Hotel Lab Twentytwo, the first Tribute Portfolio hotel of the brand in the city. The event brought together members of the business and educational community to talk about the Challenges and Issues of data, with a presentation by Professor Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Research Director of the Institute of Experiential AI, Northeastern University, USA & DTIC, UPF. As innovator of the month, attendees were also able to hear from Tatiana Gottlib, TPS Director of Dynatrace ONE.

The association's president, Enric Urreta, gave a speech to greet the attendees and stressed the need of this kind of gathering in the data era in order to learn and raise awareness of the opportunities and difficulties that arise. He also commented how "In a world where the amount of generated and stored data grows exponentially, fundamental questions arise about privacy, security, transparency, and fairness in the use of information." Urreta gave then way to Professor Ricardo Baeza-Yates.

Professor Ricardo Baeza-Yates started his presentation by explaining that "In the use of technology, most of the limits are on us, not in technology." He explained the need to give importance to small data which, according to him, create the most problems. “Error in prediction depends on problem complexity: more data, more complexity - less data, better prediction. As a consequence, we need to embrace small data." Professor Ricardo Baeza-Yates insisted on the need to develop a responsible AI based on values like ethics, justice, trust... that we usually associate with people and not with machines prevail.

For her part, Tatiana Gottlib presented the way of working at Dynatrace, the innovator of the month. "We've reached a point where data is beyond human comprehension, hence the necessity for AI." Dynatrace is responsible for accumulating all the data relevant to its clients and transforming it into valuable and useful information so that they can use it in the best way. Gottlib explained the entire process they follow so that their clients can make faster and better decisions, create new products and services and gain efficiency while reducing costs.

The event ended with the intervention of Isabel Sabadi, director of the association, who explained all the activities conducted by 22@Network Barcelona and welcomed new partners: Prosperity Digital, Mia Digital University, BeeHR and SEAT Code.

About 22@Network Barcelona

The business association 22@Network Barcelona represents the innovative, technological, and creative sectors of Barcelona. Our mission, as a group of more than 255 member companies, is to oversee the ecosystem to ensure that the 22@district remains a creative, innovative, and technologically leading place.


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