The Design, Creativity and Culture Commission, chaired by Jordi Montaña of FAD, aims to promote culture, the arts and design in order to strengthen the 22@ district as a cultural, creative and innovative ecosystem of reference.


  • To solve social, structural and environmental challenges of the district and the city.
  • To connect supply and demand of professionals and projects and promote the exchange of opportunities.
  • To learn about creative avant-gardes and current events in the sector.
  • To incorporate creative professionals as agents of innovation within companies.




As part of the anniversary of 20 years of the 22@ district and the month of creativity in the 22@NETWORK BCN association, we are preparing an event that will take place on June 10 at 9:30 am. The event, 20 YEARS OF 22@: Creativity, will be about the creative economy.

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En el marc de l'aniversari dels 20 anys del districte 22@ i del mes de la creativitat a l'associació 22@NETWORK BCN, estem preparant un acte que tindrà lloc el pròxim 10 de juny a les 9:30h. L'acte, 20 ANYS DE 22@: Creativitat, tractarà sobre economia creativa, se celebrarà dins del marc de la Barcelona Design Week, i es realitzarà de manera híbrida a l'Auditori del Disseny Hub Barcelona.


La nova Comissió de Disseny, Creativitat i Cultura tindrà lloc dijous 14 de maig de 12 a 13.30h de manera telemàtica. 

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Welcome to the Design, Creativity and Culture Commission chaired by the FAD (Promotion of Arts and Design). This commission aims to:

  • Collaborate to develop solutions to the main social and environmental challenges of the district from design, creativity and culture.
  • Inspire and connect 22 @ Network members with current avant-garde and dialogues in the design, creativity and culture sector
  • Participate 22 @ Network members in the agenda of activities and content around creativity that take place in the district
  • Connect professional FAD members with 22 @ Network members
  • Articulate this commission in such a way as to support the other commissions
  • Facilitate recruitment and exchange of opportunities

The new Design, Creativity and Culture Commission will take place on Thursday 14 May from 12 noon to 1.30 pm electronically.


1. Presentation of the Design, Creativity and Culture Commission

2. Work plan 2020


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